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At the Geobit Group of Companies, we are more than just a name – we are a cohesive entity comprising several dedicated divisions, each excelling in its own specialized area. Our synergy stems from the unique fusion of these distinct yet interconnected entities, all working towards a shared vision: creating a sustainable future with innovative construction solutions.

Geobit International : Bridging Brands and Markets

At the heart of our trading and distribution network is Geobit International. This division is the commercial conduit connecting top-notch waterproofing and specialized product brands like Dermabit, KSA, Betoflex, Exceed, and more with the construction industry. Our robust network and seasoned logistics capabilities ensure a steady supply of high-quality products, meeting diverse construction demands seamlessly.

Geobit Industries: Crafting Excellence

The manufacturing stronghold of our group, Geobit Industries, is the birthplace of varied waterproofing solutions. We meticulously craft a spectrum of products – from liquid waterproofing, membranes, acrylic, cement-based items to bitumen liquids, polyethylene products, and the exclusive Betoflex line. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, paired with uncompromised quality assurance, result in products that set the benchmark for resilience and performance.

Geobit Insulation: Mastering Specialized, Risk-Managed Waterproofing Installations

Where products meet their purpose, Geobit Insulation steps in. This division provides specialized installation services, including metal roofing, concrete repairs, and injections, ensuring that our products are expertly implemented to maximize their potential. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we ensure the lasting durability and efficacy of our products in various construction scenarios.

Together, the entities under Geobit Group stand as a formidable force in the construction industry.
We invite you to delve deeper into our divisions and discover how our group’s collective strength shapes the landscapes of the future.

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